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ENSEMBLE is Dance Carousel's elite competitive dance team, renowned regionally and nationally for its high-energy,

crowd-pleasing style and strong team dynamic. The team requires many hours of COMMITMENT, a high level of SKILL, and even higher levels of TENACITY and ENTHUSIASM. The Ensemble program aims to deepen each dancer's talent, creative expression, personal character, and sense of responsibility in the service of common team goals.


  • Learn and practice FIVE OR MORE competitive solo, duo/trio, small group, large group and/or production routines (in addition to classwork)

  • Compete at FOUR or FIVE REGIONAL dance competitions in February-April 2019 and possibly ONE NATIONAL FINALS in Summer 2019.
ENSEMBLE DANCERS are subject to additional choreography, costume and competition fees. 
Further details will be covered at a parent information meeting in
early October


  • Be in GRADES 5-12
  • Complete 20 DC CLASS HOURS in Summer 2018
  • Register for ENSEMBLE TEAM REQUIREMENTS in the fall of 2018
  •  Complete an audition in October (selection is not guaranteed)
    • If it is decided that a dancer is not ready for ENSEMBLE this year, they will move from the ENSEMBLE BALLET, JAZZ, CONTEMPORARY and TAP classes into the age appropriate DANCE EXPLORATION classes. The dancer's family will NOT be responsible for continuing to pay ENSEMBLE Tuition after October. ​
  • A $49 Registration Fee will be charged to your card on file within 48 hours of your registration

  • Contact about setting up AUTOPAY

  • Check out the TUITION INFO SHEET at the top of this page to learn more about our pricing and policies!

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