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The Dance Exploration model is meant to allow students to seize control of their dance education. Dancers are given the opportunity to delve into new styles and to thrive in those areas where they are most passionate.


Each class begins with BALLET barre and center work to strengthen proper technique and body alignment, and ends with classic JAZZ warm up and stretch, across the floor progressions and combinations. Students come to understand the importance of BALLET as the foundation for all dance forms and how meticulous BALLET training leads to more stylized personal expression through JAZZ. Both BALLET and JAZZ terminology is taught.

Students learn two routines for the Big Shows in June. 

Class Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes


This class incorporates instruction of classic TAP steps, terminology, and techniques with experimental style and movement. Students will learn how each part of the tap shoe creates a different sound and will be challenged to try new rhythms and step combinations as they advance. Students will be exposed to all creative TAP performance varieties.

Students learn one routine for the Big Shows in June. 

Class Duration: 45 minutes


This class exposes students to CONTEMPORARY, a more relaxed, free style form of dance, in which the instructor uses emotion and moods to design their own steps, in contrast to Ballet's structured code of steps. Students use their technical Ballet and Jazz training, but are encouraged to be creative and personal in their movement and will be challenged to explore their own, improvisational spontaneous movement. CONTEMPORARY represents dance's ability to act as a deep form of self-expression and build confidence.

Students learn one routine for the Big Shows in June. 

Class Duration: 1 hour

  • A $49 Registration Fee will be charged to your card on file within 48 hours of your registration

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